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Chances for Children, Child Advocacy Center was created in 2010 with the idea of providing a one stop environment for children after allegations of abuse, a place where the community could come together in providing services and light into the lives of these children. To work with parents that is devastated and overwhelmed by the abuse of their child. Staff and volunteers offer a helping hand to non-offending parents through education, prevention and therapy to prevent further trauma to the child.

In 2013 Chances for Children applied for acceptance as a Accredited Member of the National Children’s Alliance, this accreditation allows the facility to provide a place where children and families receive comprehensive services. It is a place where children are listened to, respected and talk about their abuse only once. Families at no charge can seek services for a child that has been affected by abuse. Services available are Forensic Interview. Sexual Assault Forensic Exam,(SAFE). Child At Risk Exam, (CARE). These services are followed up by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals made up of Law enforcement, DCF Investigators, State Attorney’s office, therapist and CAC staff.

Inside our doors children are greeted by delightful murals, a toy filled child’s room and professionals trained to address the unique needs of each child and their family. A child, upon entering the center has a case manager assigned that walks through the entire process with them providing a familiar face, a loving heart and a sense of partnership. They are linked with services to meet their needs, including but not limited to, clothing, food, forensic interviews, medical exams, monitored exchanges, supervised visitation and therapy.

It should be our goal as adults to ensure that a child be provided with the tools necessary in life such as stability, love, education and safety in their path to grow into a responsible caring adult.