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*Individual *Family *Group
*Play Therapy (Children ages 3 and up)
* Domestic Violence (When a child is involved helping the child to
understand and break the cycle)
*Sexual Assault of Child or Adult
*Child on Child (Inappropriate contact between children)



Adults molested as children
Parents of Abused children Support
Domestic Violence Support
Children harming Children (Understanding the difference between normal and the inappropriate actions of a child.)


One on One Visitation

Allows parents in high risk situations with concerns of abuse to a child or substance abuse to be supervised The noncustodial parent has access to the child only when supervised – eye and ear contact only by another adult
Therapeutic Supervised Visitation: Provided by a licensed Therapist in cases of concerns of mental illness of parents.
Monitored Exchanges: Supervised transfer at our facility with no contact between parents

Supervised Visitation: allows parents in high conflict situations access to their children in a safe and monitored environment.


2families2homes – Parenting program for adults divorcing with
children involved – 4 Hour Program. I love my child – Learning to co-parent, in high conflict custody.